Discovering PageCloud: Video Panel

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In my last post about discovering PageCloud, I told you three things I learned when using the platform for the first time. Since then, I've continued exploring and learning more about it. Now, I wanted to dive a little deeper into some specific features that I've used so far. Let's talk about the PageCloud Video Panel.

Adding videos to your website can be about more than a simple YouTube player posted anywhere on your page. It's a chance to share content with your audience in an interactive way. PageCloud recently added a number of new video options, including the new Video Panel, giving you more ways to customize the videos on your site. I looked at some of things you can do with the panel.


With the new Video Panel, you can select the "Autoplay" option, and make a video play as soon as someone arrives on your page. Depending on the kind of video you're displaying, this can be a huge benefit. However, it's important to keep in mind the content of your video before selecting this option.

Autoplaying a video is a great way to grab a visitor's attention right away. As soon as someone opens the page, they are exposed to a message that you want them to see, without having to read or look for it. Sites with videos are known to convert at a much higher rate, so there is a benefit to playing videos upon arrival. Just make sure the video is not aggressively loud (assuming visitors have their volume at a normal level). Videos that have people scrambling to turn their volume down tend to elicit a negative reaction.

It's also ideal to only autoplay videos that are short, and don't have sensitive information in them. The last thing you want is to scare visitors away with a video that they aren't prepared for. As long as the volume is moderate and the content isn't sensitive, autoplay can be a great way to grab attention and engage visitors. And it's now easier with the PageCloud Video Panel.

Poster Video

Rather than a simple YouTube/Vimeo player box sitting somewhere on your page, you can now stretch a video the entire width of the page.

For videos with no sound, this is a really nice visual aspect to add to your site. Whether it's an action shot, your CEO talking in front of a big crowd or customers using your product, it will catch the eyes of your visitors. It will intrigue them and make them want to learn more.

All you have to do is drag your video (either from the web or your desktop) onto your page, make sure it's selected and then click on the "Poster Video" option in the Video Panel. Done. You now have a poster video.

I was really surprised at how this changed the look and feel of the page I was working on. You can see an example on the PageCloud homepage!

Background Video

This is probably one of the coolest things (in my opinion) that you can do with the Video Panel. In addition to creating a poster video (stretched to the width of your screen) you can make a background video (taking over the entire background of your page). You may have noticed the ink video that plays in the background of our page. That's just one example of how this can be used.

Much like the poster video, this grabs your audience's attention right away. It's best to use a short graphic/video that plays on a loop and is not too distracting, allowing your audience to also focus on other content like company/product information. Regardless of how you use it, this gives you even more options for creating unique effects on your site.

These are just some of the ways to use the Video Panel. You can learn more about the Video Panel through our Answers page.

Personally, I really enjoyed experimenting with the Video Panel. It made it really easy to do so many different things with a single video. Give it a try for yourself! We'd love to see what you create with this new feature.